Information Age <35
Birthdate N/A
Gender Male
Species ??

Occupation Mortician

Voice Will Wood
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You'll never take me alive, baby!

Character Identification .... Dr. THEORY KAHNTCHKEGSSON

it's pronounced kɒntʃkɛɡsən
Theory is Babylon's resident mortician/undertaker and by that I mean i'm pretty sure he's the entire owner of/the only one that works at the damn mortuary. He's very.. off-putting for lack of a better descriptor..

He's very dedicated to his job and enjoys it quite a bit (maybe a little too much but you didn't hear that from me) although he can be quite clumsy and uncoordinated at times in every sense except movement.

I'm gonna be honest he never did get the early development he deserved so i don't have much to say about him right now. that's all i got in terms of character
Don't ask me what he was inspired by

Trivia And Fun Facts

  • His name came from a keyboard smash. "Theory" coming from google autocorrect and "kahntchkegsson" coming from my pronunciation of my own keysmash. his last name is also, quote, "fake norwegian"
  • He's also inspired by Randal Ivory which is very original
  • He's considerably taller than the rest of the guys (for the scary factor)..he's probably like 6'4 or something

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