Ciel Avery

may 10 23

21 years old
Dec 27 1991 - Jan 08 2013
Born in Salem, OR

Ciel is skinny and stands at 5'6. He has pale skin, light hazel eyes, and fluffy, uneven shoulder-length blonde hair with flipped bangs that cover most of his right eye. His ears are pierced and he has various scars on his wrists, with more appearing on his arms as the story progresses. He wears a pair of small circle-frame prescription glasses.

yeah..shes goth

Ciel's voice is usually very quiet due to his shyness. He often mumbles and stutters. He can get louder when he’s around someone he’s comfortable with, although usually never raising his voice since yelling causes it to be hoarse and crackly.

Ciel is some guy

whateverrrr man. who give a shit

Alex Deane

Sinclair Rhodes

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